Regional to Global is World’s Leading Complete Franchise Solution Provider and an Absolute Expert on Franchising and Licencing. Hundreds of Investors have Benefited From Regional to Globe’s Assistance In Choosing the Correct Franchise, and Other Organisations have Benefited From its International and Domestic Franchise Expansion. Regional To Global's Important Ingredients are Knowledge, Opportunity, Network, And Success.


Experts and professionals from around the world back you up.


Through targeted media, creates a common platform for opportunities.


Assists International Investors all Around the World.


Successful Execution of Projects

We were well Aware of the Need for Change From The Start. Sales and Distribution Strategies in India and other Emerging Countries are Evolving as a Result of Technology Improvements. As a Result, Franchising will Continue To be a Viable Choice for Business Expansion in the Future. We've Climbed to the top of this Ladder Thanks to our Unwavering Commitment to best Practises. Every firm that wants to Expand needs a Dynamic Sales and Marketing Plan to Ensure Lucrative and Long-Term Success.

While Franchising on the Subcontinent, Regional to Global can be Your Partner in Success. In Addition, while Looking for Reputable Franchise Consulting Businesses in India, you may Rely on our Experience and Skills. In Today's World, Franchising Lacks the Essential Resources and Infrastructure. Our Ambition is to be one of India's best Franchise Enterprises. Let us Assist you in Meeting the Basic Standards of Franchising.

It was founded as a non-profit organisation with the following goals:

  • To develop international best practise standards in business format franchising for Indian franchise systems.
  • Existing and future franchisees, as well as franchisors, will receive information and instruction regarding franchising.
  • Educate state and federal governments about concerns affecting the industry.
  • The goal is to create a vital, powerful, and financially successful franchising industry.
  • To promote members' interests in India and in niche areas such as the international franchise community
  • To maintain a broad knowledge of the economic importance of maintaining a vibrant franchising industry in India among consumers, governments, and the business community.
  • By designing efficient, identifiable value-added services, members will be able to be more effective in franchising.
  • Through officially supported franchising events, providing members with opportunities to showcase their knowledge and commercial opportunity.
  • Through its publications and newsletters, give information to its members on developments in the sector(s).
  • Regional to Global Consulting, as the industry's apex organisation, continues to bring value to its members' businesses by offering a variety of franchising-related services at reasonable prices.

Regional to Global understands that its members have varying demands and that different sorts of members should coexist together. Franchising's success is dependent on successful franchisors, who, in turn, are dependent on lucrative and happy franchisees. Regional to Global is dedicated to

ensuring that all franchising-related activities and services benefit the larger community, including franchisees, franchisors, employees, and their respective local economies and communities.


  • Catalyze global franchising, which helps both developing and developed countries and sets the tone for the new millennium.
  • To create a knowledge and execution platform for our services. Carve out a path that benefits the manufacturer, producer, or service provider, as well as the franchise and the customer.


  • Constantly improving the efficiency of consumption channels.
  • Creating value for businesses, franchisees, and all stakeholders.
  • Plan for rapid expansion while keeping long-term objectives in mind.


A franchise consultant can assist you examine your interests and ambitions with firms or sectors that you may want to engage in through franchise ownership if you are new to the industry and want to start on your own

If you are a franchisor looking to grow your outlets, a franchising consultancy firm can assist you in assessing, examining the markets, your company condition, and then locating possible franchisees to invest and participate in expanding your business.

As a result, an expert franchise consultant is someone who can help you narrow down your thoughts and ideas, evaluate your interests and markets, and lead you to seek opportunities with a high chance of success.


As a result, a good franchise consultant should have a lot of expertise working with such businesses and applicants, as well as a track record of successful growth and expansion.

In a franchise consultant, look for honesty and knowledge. If you're a franchisor, you'll hear a lot about strategic planning, competitor analysis, industry best practises, employee recommendations, and things like support, royalty, territory selection, and franchise structure, all of which can have an impact on the overall business.

A franchise consultant's role becomes critical in addressing these issues and providing you with the finest options.

It's important to preventing falling prey to consultants who talk a good game but don't deliver on their promises.

Some of the following factors might help you assess whether the franchising consulting firm or franchise consultant with whom you are working is worth working with.

Experience in the Franchise Industry- Select a franchise consultant that has knowledge and experience in franchising and business ownership.

The franchise consultant's knowledge will determine whether you locate a perfect business fit or more franchisees, so choose wisely.


Many people claim to be consultants, but they only do it part-time to make quick money. As a result, it's critical to hire a franchise consultant who devotes all of his or her efforts solely to consulting.

Many people claim to be consultants, but they only do it part-time to make quick money. As a result, it's critical to hire a franchise consultant who devotes all of his or her efforts solely to consulting.


Before any mention of firms, a franchising expert of his renown devotes time in asking the necessary questions to understand you, your goals, and requirements.

Avoid advisers who sell you on a company and its prospects after only a few minutes of interaction. This simply indicates that he is more concerned with leading you into something that favours him rather than you.


The number of franchisors companies that a franchise consulting company or a consultant has to provide, as well as their credibility, business status, and everything else that has been pre-screened by them, determines the efficacy of a franchise consulting company or a consultant.

Choose a consultant or a franchising consulting firm that may present you with a variety of franchisors from which to choose based on your interests and objectives.


In the end, it's all about the numbers. To assess the benefits that a franchising consulting company has provided to its franchisors, the type of clients it has, years in the franchising sector, and how well they are assisting franchisees in choosing a good business to start with. Choose the ones whose outcomes speak louder than their words.

Add wings to your dreams of becoming successful entrepreneur with consultancy franchise

A franchise consultancy is an excellent choice for investors who want to create their own firm that will provide intellectual stimulation and allow them to put their management talents and experience to good use. It's also one of the few franchising opportunities where success and expansion can be had quickly. Regional to Global is the best consulting firm that offer franchising opportunities to help you build a profitable and flexible consulting company. As a result, consulting franchises are a popular option to establish your own business and achieve success.